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bxc3 Bg7 7. Bc4 c5 8. 29 apr. 2011 — Nigel Short, Jan Gustafsson och Paco Vallejo med sina pokaler från 1.e4 e5 2. Jan Gustafsson är en uppskattad tränare och sekundant. 31 maj 2011 — Niclas Huschenbeth- Jan Gustafsson Evansgambit (C 51) 1.e4 e5 2.Sf3 Sc6 3.​Lc4 Lc5 4.b4 Lxb4 5.c3 Le7 6.d4 Sa5 7.Le2 exd4 8.Dxd4 d5 9. Show, CM Hjorth, Gunnar (2197) - Viberg, Jan (1917), ½-½, 475174 Morelius, Emil (2127), ½-½, 475174, 7, Januariturneringen 2020, 1.

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e4 e5 is just that. The theory is rock-solid. Like a statue of old, it will stand tall through the mists of time. Find out why 6.e5 is so risky for White in the Scotch!

Kval till Veteran-VM i Fredericton, djursholms CK | Melia Lena Olby, Evy Gustafsson, F5-F1 F2-F4 E5-E1 E2-E4 H5-H1 H2-H4 G5-G1 G2-G414:00 E4-​E5 E2-E3 G1-G4 G3-G5 F1-F4 F3-F5 E1-E4 E3-E5lrdag 19/1 08:00 B4-B1 B2-​B3 A4-A1 Jan-Olov Nssn C4 norrkpings CK | Cahp Lars Fridstrm, Per Arne Skoglund,  19 nov. 2016 — 1.e4 e5 2.

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e4 e5, Jan Gustafsson; Latest trends in the Marsha E4 - Marshall Attack - Jan Gustaffson - VOLUME 1 against 1.e4. this instructional DVD discusses all of white options after 1.e4 e5 2. The author is grandmaster Jan Gustafsson.

Jan gustafsson e4 e5


Rated 2646, Jan is one of the leading German players and one of the worlds biggest Marshall specialists. Gustafsson Jan at German Grandmaster (2003). Vice German Chess Champion in 2004, 2005 and 2011. 2011-03-09 · On his DVD, Gustafsson only covers (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4) 3.-Bc5; at this occasion he played 3.-Nf6 ("I am skeptical towards this move, but even I don't want to become fully predictable"). His latest Italian game at the Reykjavik Open didn't go well (Porhallsson, Elo 2387 - Gustafsson 1-0, black miscalculated in a favorable ending).

The open games after 1.e4 e5 offer White a huge choice. Part 1 of this series covered the main line Spanish and recommended the Marshall Attack - but what to do against the Exchange Spanish, the Scotch or the Italian Game?The DVD answers those questions and many more. Based on his own Black repertoire, GM Jan Gustafsso Allt Jan Gustafsson talar om i DVDn har han (Det här är den första av två DVDer som behandlar en komplett repertoar mot 1.e4 med det sunda 1.e5.) Visa In 19 chapters with a running time of 5h 34, you can complete your e4 e5 repertoire. The author is grandmaster Jan Gustafsson. Rated 2646, Jan is one of the leading German players and one of the worlds biggest Marshall specialists. Hello, Sign in.
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Jan gustafsson e4 e5

More about Jan can be found on www.jan- gustafsson Basierend auf seinem eigenen Schwarzrepertoire erklärt GM Jan Gustafsson alles, was man wissen muss, um 1.e4 erfolgreich mit e5! zu beantworten. Erfahren  9 Dec 2019 A repertoire to last you a lifetime, from a bonafide expert on the opening. Jan Gustafsson's 1. e4 e5 is the latest and greatest in our landmark  12.

In addition to discussing the details of his course, and a bit about the Lifetime Repertoires: Jan Gustafsson’s 1.
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Historiska platser • Arkitektoniska byggnader. Engsö Slott. Fotograf: Jan Gustafsson.

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You can sample the first major collaboration between chess24 It’s an annual tradition! Popular Chess24 personality, noted opening theoretician and friend of Perpetual Chess, GM Jan Gustafsson returns to the show! Jan Jan Gustafsson's 1. e4 e5 is the latest in our Short & Sweet series designed to let you dip your toe into an opening. 7/7/2016 – Jan Gustafsson’s ChessBase DVD Black Repertoire against 1.e4: Open Games covers everything in 1.e4 e5 except the main lines of the Spanish (though it covers Spanish sidelines). "I believe that a basic knowledge of 1.e4 e5 from Black’s perspective is a kind of foundational Jan Gustafsson 1.e4 e5 FritzTrainer.

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Barcelona (Spain). 2013. A11. 4602, 1. e4 e5 2. 1. d4 Nf6 2.

and 235 more episodes by Perpetual Chess Podcast, free! No signup or install needed. EP.218 - GM Max Illingworth. Kontaktuppgifter till Jan Gustafsson, telefonnummer, adress och kontaktuppgifter. JAN-GUSTAFSSON.DE Web Server used IP Address at DOMAINFACTORY provider in Cologne, Germany. You can check the websites hosted on same IP Server. Below are all the details of the Server Info , Domain Info , DNS Name Server , Alexa Traffics Ranks , Similar Websites .