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The good news though is that tube amps, like most older technology, were built to last. A well-cared-for tube amp will stay with you for a long time. You may have to   The breakup noise heard from a tube-type amp is a good sound. Nearly all electric guitar players agree on this point. The natural breakup sound of an overdriven  11 Mar 2015 For all its wonderful qualities, however, a tube amp isn't always the best tool for every job. Tube amps can be heavy, expensive, and high-  20 May 2010 But when solid-state amps were first introduced it was noticed they sounded flat and lifeless in comparison to well made valve amps. Also a  11 Aug 2020 Best Solid State Practice Amps.

Good solid state amps

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A guitarist will always go on stage with a contingency plan, and the alternative is always a good solid-state amp. So on reliability, solid-state is king. Warming: “Hey boy, give me some time” if a tube amp was human, that is what it could be saying to warm up. Solid-state amps do not need warming before they serve you with metal classics. The Best Solid State Guitar Amplifiers for Gigging Musicians A lot of guitarists are skeptical that there aren’t any decent solid-state amplifiers out there.

Of course, this is all just a preference. it is usually the individual amplifier and the tone that you prefer.

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Many players, however, feel that tube amps yield a warmer, more musical tone and more musical-sounding distortion. Tube amps provide a fantastic tone, but are more prone to wear and tear, while solid state amps are less delicate and are generally believed to be more reliable.

Good solid state amps

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Modbus. Maximum Current (Amps). 160A. Maximum Voltage (​Volts). 500V. Controlled Phases. 3.

Orange Amplifiers expands its line of solid-state Crush amps with new The Orange OBC212 bass cabinet sounds great and can handle high wattage. good software for SOLID STATE sounds. it is a quality software, no doubt. Do the sims sound and feel like my tube amps?
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Good solid state amps

Like its amp-cestor, this amp doesn’t really need much other than a guitar to get the best out of it, and it sounds remarkably good.

I've played tube amps since getting my first electric guitar 60+  15 Sep 2016 Your choice of guitar amp should definitely be based on what sounds good to you, but also how that amp accommodates your musical  12 Dec 2015 I also second the ZT lunchbox as a simple solution to a small solid state amp - use it with its cabinet. Strictly small venues, but works quite well.
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But you know, if you can't afford a tube amp, and the upkeep and all the  20 Mar 2013 Hi, Inspired by the valve preamp thread - I thought it might be nice to consider the best ss power amps that you heard. My favourites: Dartzeel  26 Mar 2018 I know everybody wants expensive tube amps and I am a tube amp player as well as an axe fx owner myself but there are many solid state amps  What is positive and negative about tube amps?

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1982). A very clean, detailed, rather tube-like sound, an honest 100 w.p.c., and the most versitile tone controls ever, with turnover frequency selectable (3 choices each with both bass and treble), plus 70 Hz or 150 Hz "bass boost " switches, rumble cut switches, etc. The solid-state INT-60 integrated amplifier provides 60Wpc in class-AB, about 30W of which is in pure class-A. (To help confirm that, the needle-and-scale meter that dominates the amp's front panel indicates when the INT-60 slips from one mode into the other.) It has a dark and warm voicing, plenty of headroom, and the clarity that you only get with a good solid–state amplifier. Why It Didn’t Catch On: The Fender Jazz King is an amazing amplifier for jazz… and not much else.

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Ive looked in the world of tubes and now Im checking out the world of SS. Im honesly not picky about tone at all, and really I dont like the idea of changing t This thread is meant to be helpful by mentioning solid state amps that you KNOW sound good with Klipsch speakers..and perhaps provide your experience about the amp or amps you mention. I have always loved and preferred the tube sound with my Klipsch speakers. Amplifier designers have frequently looked for ways to marry the advantages of tubes to those of solid-state devices. Hybrid designs of various stripes have appeared over the years, most of them using tube input stages with transistor output stages, eliminating the major weaknesses of tube amplifiers: eg, they run hot, are unreliable in that tubes have a finite life, are more expensive than a 2020-11-08 · Here is a list of the most well-regarded solid-state bass amps: Markbass CMD series Gallien-Krueger MB112 combo amp Ampeg SVT-7PRO Head Aguilar AG 700 Fender Rumble 40 and Rumble 500 (lower-priced options) Peavey Max 115 (another budget-friendly option) 2021-02-11 · A guitarist will always go on stage with a contingency plan, and the alternative is always a good solid-state amp. So on reliability, solid-state is king. Warming: “Hey boy, give me some time” if a tube amp was human, that is what it could be saying to warm up.

2019-05-31 · A solid state amp is an amplifier which uses a collection of diodes and transistors to amplify the sound of your guitar.